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    Arthur Brauner

    By Dorothea Holloway | August 1, 2013

    Lieber, verehrter Artur Brauner, herzliche Wünsche für Dich und Deine Frau Maria von Dorothea Holloway.

    Aus: KINO – German Film  No: 5  Autumn 1981

    Thirty-five Years CCC-Filmkunst celebrates an Anniversary!

    The only film production company to produce from “Year Zero” until today – over 200 Films during this time – the majority in our own CCC-Studios! Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli, Senta Berger, Nicole Heesters, Fabio Testi, Jutta Speidel, Birgit Doll – only some of the box-office names in the new Brauner-Films. The Berlin film producer sits – as always – before a flooded desk and dances at several weddings at the same time. “Despite many problems my optimism is still high – trusting that the Berlin Film Fund continues as before. Nevertheless, the forecast at the present is a bit dim.”

    Brauner sees the possibility of realizing big projects in Berlin – not only by means of the Berliner Filmförderung, but also through his connections abroad. “That again has a natural positive effect on other branches – transport services, travel agencies, hotel accommodations, expedition firms, and the like… Consequently, it’s important that the new Berlin Senate take a positive and active position, in word and deed, in regard to the film industry.” The CCC-Studios in Spandau has insolated itself against airplane disturbances and has been renovated technically according to the latest standards.

    Not too long ago, the “Oldie” Brauner began a fruitful relationship with the “Jungfilmerin” Regina Ziegler. Um Mitternacht (Around Midnight) is the title of their new coproduction with Desiree Nosbusch and Nicole Heesters. Further, there are several coproductions planned for this year: Die Spaziergängerin von Sans Souci (The Pedestrian of Sans Souci) with Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli, Maria Schell, Helmut Griem and Matthieu Carriere. Also, a German-Italien coproduction, Der Todesfahrer (The death driver), with Senta Berger and Fabio Testi.

    Brauner is particularly proud of Charlotte, the true story of a Jewish girl from Berlin, who met her fate in Auschwitz in 1943 – but before her deportation had transposed her life story in hundreds of drawings on paper. Birgit Doll plays this role and was awarded Best Actress for her performance in the film. The screenplay was also singled out for a DM 50,000 subsidy. Andrzej Wajda is planned as director for Rolf Hochhuth’s Eine Liebe in Deutschland (Love in Germany), based on a true story.

    And at present: the coproduction in Budapest and Munich, Die weiße Rose (The white Rose), the tragedy of the executed Scholls, directed by Michael Verhoeven.

    Kein Kino ohne Atze!Ronald Holloway

    Heute, am 1. August 2013 wird Artur Brauner 95.

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