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  • What is KINO?

    KINO – German Film, published in English by Dorothea Holloway and edited by late Ron Holloway, was founded in Berlin in October of 1979. The first three issues were financed by the Filmförderungsanstalt (German Federal Film Board) in Berlin. Beginning with the Spring 1981 issue, KINO – German Film became an independent film journal with a focus on quality German cinema and has been published  ever since without government or cultural funding. Subsequently, each issue  relies entirely on the support of advertising partners. Since the mid-1980s, KINO – German Film has received some paid subscriptions from Inter Nationes in Bonn for programmers at world-wide Goethe Institutes. In addition, film institutes and university libraries in Europe and the United States (e.g., Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Big Ten universities) have become regular subscribers.

    Since the 1987 Berlinale, when the double issue 24/25 appeared, the title of the journal has been extended to KINO – German Film & International Reports. Accordingly, reports are published about those international film festivals where German films are programmed and are often awarded prizes. Over the past 25 years, 80 issues of KINO – German Film have been published, in addition to five separate national issues devoted to the cinemas of Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, and the former Soviet Union (two issues), plus two half-issue devoted to Romanian and Bulgarian cinema.