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    Film Of The Year

    By Dorothea Holloway | July 29, 2013

    Es war Rons Idee, dass KINO jedes Jahr einen “Film of the Year” auszeichnet. Film of the Year 2005 war Die grosse Stille von Philipp Gröning. Aus KINO 85 im Jahre 2006 von Ronald Holloway:

    One of the finest religious documentaries ever made, Philipp Gröning waited four-teen years to film Die Grosse Stille (The Great Silence) (Germany). It took that long to receive permission from the abbot to film in-side the Grande Carthreuse, the famous cloister at Grenoble. Founded by St. Bruno in 1084 in the valley of Chartreuse, the Carthusians were leaders in the monastic reform movement of the middle ages.
    In The Great Silence we can experience in close-up the routine of life within the walls of the cloister. Without commentary, musical interludes, or interviews, we can see, feel, and ex-perience the life of silence – the »great silence« – for hardly a word is spoken in the film. At regular intervals we can study the peaceful countenances of these men of contemplation. We can follow their daily tasks in individual cells, where in solitude they pray, study, eat, and sleep. A monk pulls a bell from the roof of the chapel to call the monks to chant the night office, the mass, the vespers. On Sundays and great feast days, they enjoy a period of conversation. Once a week, they take a long walk together. We see how they praise the splendors of nature in winter.
    »What interested me was the essence of a timeless way of life that radiates a profound calm and conviction in its constant repetition of work and prayer – a timelessness that irritates modern reason and understanding.« The Great Silence by Philipp Gröning (producer, director, cameraman, screenwriter, editor) takes the pulse of a religious order that has existed without noticeable change for nearly a thousand years.

    Die Frau des Polizisten von Philipp Gröning wird bei den 70. Filmfestspielen Venedig ( 28. August bis 7. September ) im Wettbewerb dabei sein, wenn es um den Goldenen Löwen geht.

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