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    Meisterfilmemacher aus Deutschland

    By Dorothea Holloway | May 31, 2015

    In unserem ersten Ausgabe von KINO – German Film im Oktober 1979 konnte Ron über großartige Filmemacher schreiben. Über Werner Herzog, über Volker Schloendorff und über Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

    Und in KINO – German Film No: 2 (Spring 1980) schrieb Ron Holloway:

    Back at the 1978 Cannes Film Festival, the story goes, the prolific Fassbinder arrived officially with his English-language Despair in Competition, and unofficially with Maria Braun in his hip-pocket. The latter had just been completed and, for friends, was shown late one evening in a closed screening. Wolf Donner and others from the Berlin Film Festival realized at once that it was a winner, and he later requested that the film be held over nine months until the Berlin festival in February 1979. The official start of Maria Braun was thus in March 1979, together with Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu and only a few weeks before Schloendorff’s The Tin Drum. All three films burst from the gate at the same time. The Marriage of Maria Braun was not only an astonishing success in Germany following the Berlin festival (it was the Opening Night film there and won several prizes), but it also started the Toronto and New York festivals by drawing heavily in pre-sales at the box office. Then it was a runaway champion this season in the New York art houses – an amazing feat considering that the film was said to have been turned down by a dozen American distributors before Dan Talbot of New Yorker Films bought it.

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