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    Helmut Dietl

    By Dorothea Holloway | March 31, 2015

    Gestern nachmittag ist Helmut Dietl gestorben. Wir haben seine Filme so sehr geliebt. Einige Sätze aus KINO – German Film No: 46 aus dem Jahre 1992 von Ron Holloway:

    The moment Helmut Dietl’s Schtonk! hit the movie screens across Germany, it was already the country’s top media event as well as being an assured critical and commercial hit. A satire about the falsification of the Hitler Diaries, a publishing scandal that erupted in the offices of Stern magazine in April of 1983, it also scores as the funniest and most sophisticated comedy produced in Germany. […] A story with such recognizable roots in history comes along once in a blue moon: Germany wrestling gallantly with itself – and falling, with pomp and ceremony, into … SCHTONK!

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