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    Ehrenpreis für Kostümbildnerin Barbara Baum

    By Dorothea Holloway | March 27, 2015

    Wenn am 19. Juni in Berlin der Deutsche Filmpreis verliehen wird, erhält die Kostümbildnerin Barbara Baum einen Ehrenpreis. An mehr als 70 Filmen und TV-Produktionen hat Modedesignerin Barbara Baum mitgearbeitet: an Die Buddenbrooks, Homo Faber, Das Geisterhaus, Berlin Alexanderplatz.

    Einiges aus KINO – German Film, so zum Beispiel aus KINO No. 2 (Spring 1980) by Jay Scott:

    Fassbinder is currently at work on a monumental, 12-hour film chronicling the life in and around a German square; the movie is to be called Berlin Alexanderplatz; it could conceivably be shown at next year’s festival.

    And Ron Holloway also in KINO No. 2 :

    In the Spring of 1977 “Berlin Now” came to New York City. And a “Fassbinder-Festival” was presented. In the Sunday edition of the New York Times, Vincent Canby hailed Fassbinder as “the new Godard”.

    From KINO No: 3 (Summer 1980):

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder might tour for the rest of this decade through the hinterland of America with 16mm copies of his full-lenght, 13-hour adaptation of Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz.

    KINO No: 5 (Autumn 1981):

    The London Film Festival (November 7-22 ), also under the aegis of Ken Wlashin, has […] two tv-productions: Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz, a 13-part, 16-hour “maybe”.

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