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    Parajanov – A Requiem at St. Petersburg

    By Dorothea Holloway | August 23, 2013

    “Dear Friends ! On behalf of the Board of Directors of the XXI International Film Festival ‘Festival of Festivals’, I am glad to welcome the guests and participants of the festival. […] The ‘Special Screening’ section this year will present a program of films made by director, scriptwriter, producer and actor Sergei Paradjanov…” – Alexander Mamontov, General Director, SPB IFF of “Festival of Festivals”

    Eight Films were shown from Sergei Paradjanov (09.01.1924 – 21.07.1990) and two times Parajanov – A Requiem by Ron Holloway. The interview documentary portrait of Sergei Parajanov features 19 excerpts from eleven of his films and was produced by Dorothea Holloway of KINO Productions in co-production with Ö-Film, Frank Löprich/Katrin Schlösser.

    The 16mm film was completed without the benefit of state, cultural, or television funding of any kind. In this sense, Sergei Paradjanov can be viewed as the true author of his own portrait.

    From KINO – German Film & International Reports No: 87 (2006):

    Ron Holloway was awarded the prestigious Sergei Parajanov Museum Award during the 2006 Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan.

    From KINO – German Film & International Reports No: 55 (1994):

    Mostra Internationale d’Arte Cinematografica, Venezia: Parajanov – A Requiem opens the Windows to Images section at Venice. It has been invited to the Filmfest München, the AFT (American Film Institute), to Film Festivals in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., to the Montreal World Film Festival, to the international film festivals in Vancouver, Mill Valley, Denver, and Chicago, the Viennale, Istanbul, the Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei, among other festivals.

    Die Liste der Filmfestivals, zu denen Parajanov – A Requiem eingeladen war, endet 1995. Und 1995 waren es allein sechs Festivals:

    Danke, Alexander Mamontov, dass Sie Holloway’s Parajanov – A Requiem nun beim “Festivals of Festivals” in St. Petersburg gezeigt haben. Vielleicht sitzen Sergei und Ron zusammen und danken Ihnen auch für die Aufführung in St. Petersburg.

    In KINO – German Film & International Reports hat Ron über Parajanov berichtet u. a. in den Nummern: 29 (1988), 30 (1988), 55 (1994), 56 (1994). Deborah Young schrieb in KINO No. 61, im Jahre 1996 über Parajanov – A Requiem. Im Jahre 1989 schrieb Milan Vlajcic in KINO SOVIET CINEMA – Special Issue: “Sergei Parajanov – My best Years in Prison.” (From the Cultural Report for the Saturday edition of Politika, Belgrade, 7 May 1988).

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