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    Andres Veiel’s Das Himberreich

    By Dorothea Holloway | January 22, 2013

    Ronald Holloway loved the work of Andres Veiel. In KINO – German Film No. 76 (2002) Ron wrote:

    KINO’s German Film of the Year 2001: Black Box BRD

    By general concensus, the editors of KINO – German Film, together with colleagues at Oktoberdruck, voted Andres Veiel’s documentary Black Box BRD – the German Film of the Year 2001. “Never before was the tragic side of German history in the 20th century made so sensitively plausible through the fatal paths of destiny taken by two contrasting personalities.” And, as was said during the roundtable discussion at the Leipzig DOKfilm festival, Veiel’s moral chronicle took the pulse of the times, socially and politically, for yesterday and today. — Ron and Dorothea Holloway, Dorothea Paschen, Tanja Meding, Lutz Jenke, Ulrich Lüder

    In KINO No. 82 (2004) under a foto from Die Spielwütigen (Addicted to Acting) by Andres Veiel is written:

    Die Spielwütigen, currently a box office hit in Germany, will be programmed next at the Montreal World Film Festival.

    And in KINO No. 83 (2005) you read on page 30:

    Die Spielwütigen by Andres Veiel is the KINO – Documentary Film of the Year – By general consensus of the jury: Ron Holloway, Jürgen Karl Klauss, Dorothea Moritz

    On January 17. 2013 I saw in the Deutsches Theater in Berlin the B-Premiere from Das Himbeerreich by Andres Veiel in co-produktion with Schauspiel Stuttgart.

    When Andres Veiel worked on Black Box BRD , he came in contact with bankers and brokers. After the “Finanzkrise” in 2008, the doku-filmmaker Veiel started to work on the production about financiers for theatre, Das Himbeerreich. He spoke with brokers and bankers in Germany, England, Luxemburg. Andres learned a lot, but all the “connoisseurs” wanted to remain anonymous! So he could not make a film. Veiel could work on his experimental montage with excellent actors like Susanne-Marie Wrage, Joachim Bißmeier, Ulrich Matthess; Dramaturgie: Ulrich Beck, Jörg Bochow.

    Das Deutsche Theater was sold out. On stage is some kind of tresor. The spectators were waiting for a spectacle, some kind of kick, they were really attentive and keen. The applause was strong.

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