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    Progress Film-Verleih – Golzow Premiere at Kino Toni 2008

    By Dorothea Holloway | August 25, 2008

    On 3 April 2008, at Kino Toni in Berlin-Weissensee, the gala premiere of Barbara and Winfried Junge’s …dann leben sie noch heute: Die Kinder von Golzow, das Ende der unendlichen Geschichte (…Then They Are Living Happily Ever After: The Children of Golzow, The End of the Neverending Story), the final episode of The Children of Golzow cycle, was duly recorded in the annals of German filmmaking as a warming farewell to the longest running documentary portrait in the history of the cinema.

    That evening, the Golzow film team, headed by Barbara and Winfried Junge, joined with screen protagonists (the “children of Golzow”) and key public officials from the town of Golzow and Land Brandenburg to reminisce on 45 years of German history – as preserved in the “film of the century” cycle that had begun back in 1961 in a first-grade classroom and ended when the print for the final episode left the film laboratory in 2007. Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck praised the entire team in his welcoming address. Present was longtime à jour Film- & Fernsehproduktion producer Klaus Schmutzer. Professor Jürgen Haase of Progress Film-Verleih moderated the splendid gala before a packed house of Golzow fans. Lingering applause from an enthusiastic audience. Congratulations, one and all

    Present for the gala premiere were: producer Klaus Schmutzer, writers-directors-editors Barbara and Winfried Junge, Harald Klix (cameraman), Birgit Mehler (RBB-TV commissioner), Progress Film-Verleih managing director Prof. Jürgen Haase, protagonists Elke Hinkelmann, Marieluise Seidel, Christian Struwe,  Bernhard Oestreich, Emil Schwarz (soundman), Cordula Knorr (lighting assistant), Barbara Gummert (negative cutter), Peter Pflughaupt (soundman), Dagmar Bingel (assistant editor), Brandenburg Minister President Matthias Platzeck, Golzow mayor Klaus Lehmann, and Manfred Grosskopf (Golzow Community Agricultural Administrator).

    – Dorothea Moritz

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