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    »Höhenfeuer« – das Meisterwerk von Fredi M. Murer

    By Dorothea Holloway | August 21, 2015

    Die Mitglieder der Schweizer Filmakademie haben ihre Lieblingsfilme benannt: Die Schweizermacher kamen an dritter Stelle, Les petites fugues kam auf den zweiten Platz und als bester Schweizer Film aller Zeiten wurde Höhenfeuer von Fredi M. Murer genannt.

    Siehe hierzu auch KINO – German Film No: 107 von 2015. Ron Holloway schrieb 1985 in KINO No: 20 (Autumn 1985) folgendes:

    The Golden Leopard at this years’s Locarno International Film Festival went to a film made, so to speak, just around the corner and up on top of one of those picturesque Swiss mountains in the Alps: Fredi M. Murer’s Höhenfeuer (literally translated: Alpine Fire). The film won, in fact, just about every major award in sight at the festival: Ecumenical Prize, Youth Prize, even the designation as the nominated Swiss entry for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Film section. Shortly after Locarno, the film was presented as the »film surprise« at the Montreal festival, followed by special showings at Telluride over the Labor Day weekend. The Locarno Jury noted in its declaration that the decision was unanimous, citing in particular the film’s »extraordinary force of expression«. So suffice it here to say that Höhenfeuer has much of the dramatic intensity of a Greek tragedy. This is the story of a farming family living an isolated existence on the very edge of the towering and often forbidding Alps; it’s the Urner-Deutsch section near the San Gottardo Pass »in the land of Wilhelm Tell.« The parents (Dorothea Moritz and Rolf Illig) have married late in life, and fate has dealt them a severe blow when the second-born son of their two children (Johanna Lier and Thomas Nock) was born deaf. As a result, the family receded even further from social contacts with others in spite of themselves – until the extenuating circumstances lead to incest. The laws of nature broken, tragedy descends upon the whole family in the manner of nature taking its course. Indeed, Murer did follow the course of the seasons in shooting Höhenfeuer, a stylistiic element enhanced by Pio Corradi’s camera work.

    Ich möchte noch hinzufügen, dass ich von der Musik von Mario Beretta so begeistern bin wie ganz selten im Leben.

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