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    Großes Kino – echt, bewegend

    By Dorothea Holloway | July 20, 2015

    Am Sonnabend den 18. Juli sah ich von Margarethe von Trotta im WDR die Filmbiografie Hannah Arendt mit der großartigen Barbara Sukowa. Der ganze Sonntag gehörte dann Margarethe von Trotta.

    Ron Holloway hat gern über ihre Filme geschrieben. Gleich in unserem ersten KINO – German Film von 1979, dann in KINO No. 2, 22, 23, 52, 57 und 58 aus dem Jahre 1995, aus dem ich zitieren möchte.

    Das Versprechen (The Promise)
    The opening-night film at the 45th Berlinale, Margarethe von Trotta’s Das Versprechen ( The Promise ) will also go down in the books as the first feature film to deal specifically with the Berlin Wall, along with the fate of Berliners on both sides over a quarter-century of despair, frustration, longing, anger, and ideological confrontation, those physical and psychological clashes that will leave scars for yet another quarter-century to come. One may question why it took five years after the fall of the wall to make The Promise, and why it had to be made from a West German viewpoint, […] but better late than never and better a film to reflect upon than no film at all. […] Credits are also a major plus. Franz Rath’s rich images and camera finesse are abetted by Jörg Widmer’s steadycam (Bavarian Film Prize) flourishes. In addition to other honors, Das Versprechen was recently awarded by the Gilde deutscher Filmkunsttheater.

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