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    Andreas Dresen in der Berlinale

    By Dorothea Holloway | January 12, 2015

    Da Andreas Dresen im Wettbewerb der Berlinale 2015 vertreten sein wird, möchte ich aus KINO – German Film No: 93 aus dem Jahre 2008 einen Text von Ron zitieren. Es ist einer der letzten Besprechungen von Ron Holloway.

    Andreas Dresen’s Wolke 9 (Cloud 9), programmed in the Un Certain Regard, drew a standing ovation at Cannes. Cloud 9 is an English idiom for “im 7. Himmel” in German – and in the film Inge (magnificent – Ursula Werner) and Karl (splendid – Horst Westphal) are, indeed, in “seventh heaven”. He in his seventies, she in her sixties, they enjoy a bucolic summer together, a tender escapade! Finally, an elderly gentleman not with a young woman; rather, both lovers are in a ripe old age, for whom sex comes naturally – a hymn to tenderness seldom seen on the screen. Like teenaged lovers, they enjoy the moment for what it is. This, plus Dresen’s talent for drawing convincing performances from his acting ensemble, accounts for the film’s charm. Another plus: Dresen can dispense with music – the normal din of human life lends a much better convincining atmosphere. (Some filmmakers could learn from Dresen.)

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