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    Retrospektive Robert Bresson

    By Dorothea Holloway | April 15, 2014

    Im Berliner Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e. V. läuft vom 11. April bis zum 7. Mai 2014 eine Retrospektive über den französischen Filmemacher Robert Bresson.

    There are some filmmakers whose names evoke an idea even if their films are unfamiliar. “Bresson” stands for asceticism, rigorous mise-en-scene, reduced filmic methods and a propensity for spiritualism and mysticism. Our extensive April retrospective of the oeuvre of the French filmmaker Robert Bresson will enable viewers to make the link between this label, which is detached from the films, and the aesthetic experience in the cinema. They will be able to discover and scrutinize the complexities that lie in the reduction, as well as the fact that Bresson’s cinema is also an expression of aesthetic and political resistance and the extent of its reach into the present …

    Ronald Holloway was the first Catholic to complete a doctorate in Evangelical Theology at the University of Hamburg, writing on the films of Carl Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman, and Robert Bresson. He teaches cinema for the University of Maryland Overseas Program and conducts film seminars for the Evangelische Akademien in Germany.

    Ronald Holloway, Beyond the Image. Approaches to the Religious Dimension in the Cinema. Film oikoumene, World Council of Churches, Geneva 1977.

    In remembrance of Ronald Holloway and his true spirit.

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